I am so angry about this

I am so angry about this as one example of everything wrong with our Executive Branch of government at the moment that I feel like posting pictures of two of my favorite things together in the same picture: Queen Elizabeth and a cake.

Let’s get started with three generations of royal women admiring what looks to be like a beautiful cake celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Without tracing the origin of this picture, I am guessing by the colors that this is in Fortnum and Mason. What a great place.


Now let’s celebrate the queen’s animated happiness about this cake in the following series of pictures, first larking about the cake with all her ladies:


Then, we move into the queen taking her royal cake-cutting obligations seriously as she starts to slice through the fondant:


Just kidding! It isn’t hard work, she loves cutting cakes!


Cake admiring and cake-cutting have long been an official part of ER’s important duties.


Who could even begin to count the number of cakes this remarkable woman has cut around the world? Here she is cutting one in Canada:

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II cuts a 50th

But don’t get me wrong, she still cuts the most cakes in the good ole’ UK. Here she is cutting a cake made by one of the winners of the Great British Bake Off.


She particularly looks great cutting into cakes with an elegant garden theme:


She happily stands to admire the wedding cakes of others:


All the while thinking to herself, “You call this a wedding cake? Mine was actually taller than my giant husband.  Get some perspective, Catherine.”


I know what you are wondering, with all of those cake-cutting duties, does Her Majesty ever actually get to eat the cake? The answer is yes.


Wait, after looking at this picture more closely, I am not sure that is the Queen. That may just be a person or actress portraying the queen eating some cake. Maybe I don’t know the answer as to whether she actually eats cakes, and suddenly, that makes me very sad for her if she goes around the world cutting beautiful cakes and being forced to admire cakes that she never actually gets to eat!

I may never know the answer to whether or not the Queen actually gets to eat these cakes, but I sure know how she feels about brownies masquerading as a cake.


Ugh, disgusting, and clearly not up to the royal standards she expects of the cakes she privileges by cutting them.

Finally, the other direction this blog post could have gone would have been to just show pictures of Queen Elizabeth as a cake, and actually, that works too.


face cake


After looking of all of those pictures of cakes who feels calmer now? I know I do, and maybe also in slight need of a sugar fix.