What is an American to do?

Today’s blog post is brought to you by all of the posts that I see of conservatives telling Americans upset by the election of Donald Trump that they need to stop protesting, get over it, support Donald Trump, and come together. Let’s just set aside the fact that these same people saying this now are the people that never showed that kind of respect to President Obama.

Whenever I hear someone say that people need to “stop protesting” and “support President Trump,” not only do I feel like those people lack empathy for people that are suffering, but what they really mean is they want the rest of America to go back to being invisible. We are supposed to be quiet and get in line. We are supposed to accept our place behind the white males (and white women) who voted Trump into power. That is the only acceptable version of America – Trump’s. We cannot mourn the loss of a vision of a kinder, more inclusive America without being called unpatriotic or immature.

I am not being dramatic about this – but today it hit me, that really, America isn’t anything close to a democracy. Our next President is a demagogue, who takes his cues from fascism. He is going to be our next President, not because he won a majority of American voters, but because of an anti-democratic institution created to appease slave owners. That isn’t a democracy at all.

Let’s think of the political systems from which he takes his cues.

He names his family, similarly uninformed and unqualified as he is, to be on his “transition” team, while also his family are the ones controlling his business interests. That sounds a little more Kryrgyzstan-like than American.

He plans on immediately withdrawing from UN Climate Accords and rebuild the coal industry. He wants to give us the air quality of Chinese cities, but even the Chinese are a part of the climate accords. Perhaps he is thinking this is the way we win the trade war he also plans on starting?  We can “compete” better if we don’t have any environmental protection laws, and even better if we don’t have any workers protections (I am sure that is coming soon). Corporations will bring back those manufacturing jobs then, even if they are low wage jobs that make people sick. I am thinking here he is taking his cues from Bangladesh, maybe?  Maybe throw in a little Democratic Republic of the Congo in there for how he will probably have his Secretary of the Interior (Sara Palin?) sell off federal land to mining conglomerates.

And then there is his choice to have Steve Bannon, godfather to the Alt-Right White Supremacists as the Chief Strategist to his Presidency. There is his statement today about deporting 2-3 million “undesirables” his first day in office. Will he send the military around to people’s homes to round them up?  I am sure that gives so much comfort to minorities everywhere! Let’s be honest, the most obvious parallel to a political regime happens to be a historic one from a major European country….

So when I see those people out there on the street, raising the alarm about this person taking control of our institutions, that is when I see America.  That is what gives me hope for the future. Telling them to go home and stop protesting is telling them to cease to believe in this country’s future. It is telling them to stop caring about what happens and accept the lot given to them. It is asking them to surrender their belief in America and instead accept that this country isn’t theirs.

The racism, the hate, the misogyny that Donald Trump’s campaign unleashed shouldn’t be accepted. It should be resisted every step of the way. I applaud those resisting it.  I applaud those out there reminding Donald Trump that he lost the vote of the people and it is up to him to make it right. The early signs are that he plans to do nothing in the way of actually trying to make it right for the people who have already been victimized because of his Presidency. He is going to rely on the same tools he used in his campaign, his entitled children and the rest of his hateful posse, Twitter rants, threats of deportation, and blatant falsehoods. Resisting this Presidency is the most American thing that any of us could do.


2 thoughts on “What is an American to do?

  1. I was going to write something about anarchists co-opting legitimate protests in some places, like Portland and CA. Those people don’t vote, but love to come out and ruin legitimate expressions of political frustrations. I hate that they can then be used to delegitimize what are otherwise valid, legitimate protests.

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