Dreams of the Everyday Housewife

Musical Accompaniment for this post:

Last Monday Sarah and Noelle stopped by for a visit and asked me if the boys and I would like to accompany them to Pizzeria Toro in Downtown Durham. David was out of town and as usual when he is gone, I had no specific dinner plans in mind, so I said “Sure! Let me just change the boys diapers and off we can go.”

Twenty minutes later, we were sitting at the table in Pizzeria Toro, and I had a realization. I was wearing a t-shirt with spit up stains, the same pants I changed into every day after work the week before, and my greasy hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail. In other words, I was the sloppiest, most shabbily dressed person in this hip downtown Durham restaurant. For a second, I was completely embarrassed, because my former self would have never gone to a restaurant looking that way. Then the waitress came by and complimented my babies being held by their aunties, saying they were the best behaved babies she had ever seen, and you know what? I totally stopped caring about my personal appearance for a moment and was just appreciated those little boys. Yes, it happened.


We came home, I put the boys in bed and was ready to go about my nighttime routine so that I could go to bed myself. Part of that nighttime routine involves pumping one more time before bed. However, in a moment of panic, I realized that I left my plug adapter for my breastpump at work. What was I going to do? I couldn’t leave the boys and go back to work and get it.

Here was my remedy:

That would be me sitting in my car in the garage (I remembered to put the garage door up so I didn’t kill myself by carbon monoxide poisoning), so I could use my car adapter for my pump. I brought out the baby monitor to keep an eye on the boys while I entertained myself with an old episode of Outnumbered on Hulu.

So that was the day when I was like, yes, my brain doesn’t work anymore and I look like a middle-aged slob, but I have got these two little faces in my life now, so it is all worth it. They smile and it is more than enough.

Also, they can feed themselves and hold their own bottles now and it is so adorable:


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