July is a Time for Friends

When the boys hit six months in June, I realized that several of our friends in the area still hadn’t met the babies. Embarrassingly, my world has become so insular, there are weeks when I am lucky to make it to the grocery store, much less have actual human interaction aside from work and home. So we decided to remedy that in early July and held a Sip ‘N’ See for some friends to formally meet the boys. It was great fun but this is the only pathetic picture I managed to take.


I swear, we had actual friends come who managed to drink those drinks that I arranged on our kitchen table.

When the boys then turned seven months, I felt less guilty with them having been formally, socially introduced. DSC_0037

A day after they reached seven months, I had a birthday that included a number seven as well. The boys gave me an ice cream maker, which David insisted they picked out. They certainly seemed to admire it…


Yes, they are wearing the same outfits on my birthday as in their seven month pictures because their Mommy forgot to take their seven months pictures the day before. I am not good at documenting these things.

We then headed off to Philadelphia for Mommy’s work conference where she had overcommitted herself with speaking engagements. While Mommy spent her time in the convention center, Daddy introduced the boys to some of Philly’s historic sights. These basically means the boys posed in the stroller in front of various historic buildings while Daddy talked at them about historic Philadelphia.


I was able to join the boys for a morning at Valley Forge which was enjoyable until it became five hundred degrees.


By the time we made it to Washington’s headquarters, the enthusiasm for history waned as the temperature took its toll.


This was the only family photo I managed to set with the timer, and Desmond’s face is completely obscured, but it was so hot standing in the sun, I gave up after one attempt.

DSC_0131 (2)

Here is Desmond looking very much the cynical teen before we got back in the car. He was trying to communicate, “Really, Mom? Enough with the history, let’s just go to the mall.”


So going to the mall at King of Prussia is what we did. After all, isn’t that what the Revolutionary War was all about? I mean, I am so glad we won our independence from Great Britain so that I can buy my favorite British brands from American retailers.

Back in the city, we managed a few more morning walks before the heat got the better of us.



The best part of the trip was introducing the boys to some of my favorite people, other librarians I love who also made it to the conference.


The boys relished the attention and were so happy to make new friends.

We were also lucky enough to spend the night in DC on the way up to the conference and also on the way back down, which meant more time with friends and more play time in the ball pits of friends.


I leave you with the evening view of Philly’s town hall from our hotel room. This is the best view of Philly I got in the evenings.


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