I know my last post was about my mom leaving to go back to Mississippi after being with us for these past months. But, I am on this topic again because last Thursday, when we arrived back at our house after a successful Disney trip with the boys, I was wrecked. I burst into tears crying, because I missed my Mom being there. I know it sounds ridiculous, because I am a woman in my mid (to late) thirties with children of my own, but there I was crying because I wanted my Mommy.

I guess it is for several reasons. Having my mom there gave me confidence in my own skills as a mother. The moment she wasn’t there, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it on my own, particularly when I knew David would be traveling for work the following week and I would really have to be doing it on my own. I cried because I was nervous having someone else other than my mom taking care of my boys during the day when I am not home. And also, I was just once again crying because I love my mom and I miss her already.

This week we are making it. I am lucky the boys are such good babies. Of course we have our moments, and when it is just me I cannot always please both of them at the same time, but I am just trying to relax, cross the things of the list of the routine we follow, and smile with them instead of crying too. I think we will be okay, even when it is just me.

I promise, the next post will be about something different.

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