A World of Faces

I took a copious amount of pictures of our family trip to Disney World. It was the boys first real vacation, and so I wanted to document it well, even though they won’t remember it. I will remember it. I will remember how fantastic of a trip it was, as the boys were both perfect travelers. They were great on the plane. They were great in their strollers walking around the parks on muggy Florida days. They were great on the kiddie rides and they were great in the pool. For the most part, they slept really well.

So it was all really great, and I have a few pictures of happy faces to share (and a few other great facial expressions).

Here is the boys’ first walk down Main Street with a view of Cinderella’s castle.


Of course, we headed back to Fantasy Land first thing, because that is what you do with young kids. You also take pictures of standing in line at various attractions, like, It’s a Small World. You take pictures of yourself and subsequently realize from looking at that picture, that some unidentifiable substance is all over your left arm. It was probably spit up. It is always spit up.


A small world is always a great place for good faces, because every time I go on that ride, I have to make up some new narrative to accompany what is otherwise an incredibly annoying experience. This time, the narrative was that clowns were launching an airborne attack against the children of the world who were coming together to fight them off. This narrative works very well on It’s A Small World, because at the end of the ride *spoiler alert* there are clowns descending from the ceiling in make-shift hot air balloons. And those clowns are scary. Here is Harrison trying not to be too scared.


We also took pictures in the line to the Winnie the Pooh ride. It was actually the first ride we went on. Doesn’t Calum look thrilled in anticipation?


Look at Phoebe’s enthusiasm:

Of course, the Magic Kingdom also meant we enjoyed some of those classic Disney treats like frozen Mickey Ears icecream:


And attempted family selfies on the Carousel with strange kids photobombing you in the background:


There was also Dumbo, which for Calum, meant making this face:


He was probably just annoyed that his mom forgot to work the lever to go up and down. So after, he took this picture with his Dad, a person who knows how to properly work a flying elephant.


Now I will just come right out and say this, people all over that place saw us and thought we were crazy and brave to bring two almost six month olds to Disney World. Those people are not in on this great secret. When your kids are six months you can still take lots of cute pictures and take them on cutesy rides which are fun, but even more fun is that you still get to determine the agenda. This means my kids aren’t old enough to complain if we want to spend an afternoon puttering around the World Showcase eating. Seven year olds will complain about that. But for me it is still the bliss of taking pictures in front of fake British high streets:


Or spending far too long eating delicious French pastries:


Or spending far too long hanging out in Club Cool, sponsored by Coca Cola, because I develop an addiction to the free Bibo DJ Kiwi Mango from South Africa in the absence of Stoney Tangawizi.

Oh no, older kids would not like their parents hanging out in Club Cool, in particular because Club Cool plays a techno soundtrack that makes their mother dance crazily while consuming far too much carbonated sugar in tiny paper cups at the free soda fountains. But with babies, they cannot object to that.

Of course, I was excited to take them on their first “safari” ride at the Animal Kingdom, which they didn’t like because it was too bumpy.


But they didn’t mind the wait in line for that ride.


Harrison didn’t mind posing for silly pictures at our lunch spot at the Animal Kingdom which was designed to look like an open air marketplace, eatery somewhere in East Africa, and I loved it.


No one objected or complained about my ridiculous getup on the Kali River Rapids either.


But we all laughed and smiled heartily when we all got soaked, with Melissa and Harrison getting the worst of it.


Of course, we enjoyed more splashes and fun at the pool at the Bay Lake Tower where we always stay now.

DSC02640 (2)DSC02637DSC02649DSC02662

Then of course there was the night we ate at the Chef Mickey’s buffet and met characters and the boys dressed up in gifted character outfits.


Harrison and I once again got silly.

Phoebe approached the characters tentatively at first, and then with greater enthusiasm as the trip went on.


And Desmond was like, no, I am having none of your ridiculousness Mom and Dad. This is so absurd you dressed me up like a Duck and then thought it was so funny for him to meet me.


After the fact, he was like, look at what you have done to me!


But that is what we do when we are new parents in Disney World. And now, we close with a picture of me and David on top of the Contemporary at the California Grill our last night at Disney World. It has become our date night place at Disney World, as we have eaten there our past five trips. We have taken a picture before in the same spot and here you get another, with all of my post-partum hair loss fully on display!


Yes, bad hair for me and Disney World have become one and the same. These are things that you just accept when you are the crazy person pushing around two six month old infants.

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