Working Mom

DSC_0510I am getting ready to take my first trip away from the babies. It is only for one night for a work-related trip to DC, but it is tough, much tougher than I thought it was going to be. I am not just talking about the prospect of having to pump milk in the airport either. I don’t know how I am going to stand being away from these little faces. It is good practice for later in the summer when David and I will be taking a much longer little jaunt away from the boys.

It is funny how much little things in my day excite me in a way that they never did before. Now the small act of seeing the boys eating sweet potatoes seems like the greatest event ever. Or how much a little baby smile just makes my day, the same way that I remember feeling when Knightley was a puppy watching him play. Now coming home from work to see my babies and my sweet doggy, I pretty much think my life has lucked out.


We had a lovely, simple weekend here. We try to make the most of our time to just be with the boys when our work schedules all it. On Saturday, we set up our beach tent in the front yard so we could enjoy the great weather and watch David mulching the garden beds. (I am not going to lie; I liked having an excuse for only watching the mulching, because someone has to watch the boys, you know.) This was my view lying down next to baby D:

Lucked out.

Finally, Last weekend, we watched Harrison and Phoebe for Melissa and Jordan. The boys are warming up to their cousins for sure.DSC_0504DSC_0507

Sorry for these disjointed rushed kinds of posts. One thing that I have lacked since giving birth is the ability to think coherently and deeply about anything not related to babies. I hope that my mental abilities come back soon, preferably before my work trip this week…

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