I realize that in life there are one million firsts for everyone. For baby’s firsts, no one other than the baby’s immediate family members usually care about these firsts. Am I faithful in documenting either publicly or privately all of my babies’ firsts? No, but I do try to document the ones that really matter in some small way. Among those that significantly matter in our family are the following: Baby’s First Trip, Baby’s First Beach Visit, and Baby’s First Swim. Those matter because in my world, traveling, beaching, and swimming are three of my favorite leisure time activities and so I want my children to enjoy those things too so we can do them together.

We knocked all three things off the list this past weekend when my mom and I took the boys up to Virginia Beach to visit Melissa’ family. We stayed at the Sheraton on the beach, and although it was chilly and rainy for most of the weekend, a bad day at a mediocre beach is still much better than a good day elsewhere.

Stroller walks on the boardwalk were a must of course. I like to think the boys enjoyed the sound of the ocean because they were calm and content.


Harrison was his usually energetic self and kept all of us entertained. DSC02404

We also enjoyed our views of the ocean from our hotel room balcony. When it warmed up a bit, we were able to leave the door open and enjoy the sound of the ocean while the boys napped. That is pretty ideal, in my view.


Then there was the swimming. I have heard that young babies naturally enjoy the aquatic environment and my boys were no exception to that. Desmond, the natural cuddler, cuddled up, relaxed and also enjoyed some water tummy time.


Calum liked laying on his back and kicking his feet.

The boys were naturals in the water, much to my relief.


Now I know that last picture exposes a shocking amount of cleavage from me. Look, this is my new reality. I was always someone who was a little larger on top, but all of this pumping and breastfeeding twins has made cleavage like this unavoidable for me. I had no idea how much milk I was producing until I stumbled onto a mom forum the other day (I had really avoided any sort of mom forum or discussion about parenting and babies since the boys’ births in part because I thought that would help me avoid some Mom guilt about not being good enough or doing things wrong), and I realized that the fact that I pump between 40 and 50 ounces of breastmilk daily in addition to nursing directly at least a few times a day is quite a lot. Now, my boys have enormous appetites, so even that amount doesn’t satiate them, but it turns out my breastfeeding expert doctor wasn’t just being nice when she told me how well I was doing because of how much milk I was producing. So all of that really hard and painful work (which continues to be hard and painful work) is paying off, so yay, I am not a failure at something biological when it comes to bearing children.

I leave you with this picture of Desmond, who already has perfected the look of a seasoned, weary business traveler in a hotel bed. It is something he must have inherited from his father.


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Thanks, Mari! The fact that I just realized I was actually a successful pumper is motivation for me to keep going because it hurts so much and I really, really hate it. I keep looking for an excuse to quit, so this will keep me going for at least a little while longer. That and I know I am going to have to give up baked goods again when I stop pumping because there will no longer be an outlet for all of those calories that I am consuming at present. That keeps me going too…

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