Merry Christmas, Your Gift is the Flu

I wanted Christmas to feel like a celebration this year, and it certainly did. Of course, that was in spite of the fact that David was sick with the flu that he brought back from attending the Utah bowl game in Las Vegas with his family. It felt like a celebration to me up until the day my parents left to go up to Virginia to watch Harrison and Phoebe and I came down with the flu that David had. Then, it just felt miserable. I couldn’t sleep to get over it, because I had to keep up regular intervals of breast pumping, because the antibodies in my breastmilk were all that were keeping my babies from getting sick. So the celebration turned into a weekend of exhaustion, body aches, coughing, and fretful thoughts about my babies getting sick.

The good news is that they are still free of symptoms. I hope it holds out. The bad news is I am completely exhausted and unsure whether or not I am actually going to be getting better anytime soon.

Here are some pictures from the celebration part of Christmas.


I actually think that is a pretty great family picture of us, in spite of how sleep deprived we all are.


Had to get a picture of the boys with their stockings. Calum was a little more awake for the Christmas morning festivities.

Of course, this good boy also enjoyed his Christmas stocking unveiling too. It was stocked with his favorite treats.


In spite of the fact that the boys lack the ability to focus clearly on objects presently, that didn’t stop them from scoring the largest Christmas haul. Mimi and Grandpa made sure the boys had their first exposure to John Deere with a piggy tractor rattle.



A few days prior to Christmas, we had a pre-Christmas celebration with Harrison and Phoebe. Is it possible to have too much cuteness to celebrate the holidays? I don’t think so.


I will take it; even with the flu.

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