A Traditional Thanksgiving

This year, I knew that I lacked the energy for creating the Thanksgiving feast of years past. Sadly, being almost 35 weeks pregnant meant I couldn’t go down to Mississippi either. The good news is that Sarah lives here and Melissa’s family drove down from Virginia Beach, so except for my missing parents, it almost felt like we got everyone together.  We certainly managed to have some fun, even without the gator rides and bonfires.

To make things easier, we ordered out for the main Thanksgiving day fare and Sarah, Noelle, and Melissa were gracious enough to make a few extra vegetable sides, so there wasn’t much I had to do. A new favorite for this year’s Thanksgiving was Noelle’s Mississippi grandmother’s “red hot jello salad”, which brought a little bit of the Magnolia State to us, since we couldn’t go to it.  Some of us enjoyed our Thanksgiving day feast.


Others preferred to eat later in the evening when they could avoid the turkey and stuffing and instead consume alternating bites of chips and salsa and pumpkin pie.


Do you like that camouflage homage to a Mississippi Thanksgiving where the morning is spent on the hunt?

Other Thanksgiving day activities of course included the traditional, setting up the Christmas tree and indoor decorations no sooner than the turkey had digested.


Finally, there was the traditional Thanksgiving day “Ghostbusters” game.


Oh wait, you don’t think playing Ghostbusters on Thanksgiving is traditional?  Well, apparently, Knightley didn’t think so either; thus, his determination to take the Ghostbuster out…


My dog is a traditionalist.

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