No Complaints, Just Anxiety


Tomorrow I will have made it to 34 weeks, which isn’t yet the minimum that I wanted to make it to before going into labor (that would be at least 35 weeks, which would be next Saturday), but it is getting pretty close.  Still ask me how much anxiety I feel on a daily basis about the welfare of these two fetuses, and the answer is, that hasn’t diminished at all. If they don’t move around the same way as they did the day before, I assume something must be wrong. Even though I am now having weekly doctor’s appointments, non-stress tests, and more frequent ultrasounds, I still feel like it is an eternity between appointments and I worry all the days in between about things that could be going wrong.

My uterus is measuring 47 weeks pregnant, and I cannot sleep for longer than 1 hour without waking up, but I am okay with being pregnant for the three and a half more weeks until my scheduled C-section date. Yes, I have had to deal with the annoyance of gestational diabetes, but thankfully, it has been regulated by diet.  When I am done and I deliver these babies I plan on going to a good bakery and stepping up to the counter and saying, “I will take one of everything.” People who tell you that your craving for sugar goes away when you don’t eat it for a while are liars!  Despite my large girth, I cannot otherwise complain about being pregnant. Sure, I may have so many stretch mark, but on the plus side one of my scars from my laparoscopy has stretched out to looking like a Harry Potter scar on my belly so that makes me feel like I have conquered Voldemort. I have avoided varicose veins so far, so there is that. My blood pressure has been normal, so that has been great. I haven’t had that swelling problem that lots of other pregnant women have so I can still wear normal shoes and my rings and my ankles look fine. I appreciate how nice my skin and hair look these days.  So really, I cannot complain for myself.  I will only say I don’t have time to be that concerned about my own personal well-being aside from how stressed out I am about how these kids are doing inside of me.  Oh and work, I have got so much I need to get done on that front in the next three weeks too.

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