At Least This Is Ready

I mentioned last week the unexpected purchase of the remainder of the furniture for the babies’ room.  Well, little did I know on Saturday, when they delivered the furniture things would get more dramatic.  We purchased the furniture assembled, but it didn’t come that way, and even worse, Buy Buy Baby forgot to give the hardware for the assembly of the furniture to the delivery company.  After an angry phone call, and an even angrier visit to the store to pick up the hardware (oh yes, I don’t think I can think of a time in my life when I have ever actually yelled at four store employees, but it was cathartic, and they really screwed up my Saturday by their mistakes), we had to spend several hours in the afternoon assembling the furniture. It was not how I intended to spend my Saturday, the one day that I actually can run errands and get things done.  So I curse Buy Buy Baby for taking one of my few remaining free Saturdays away from me. I won’t get that back, and I still have a huge to do list.

Anyway, the babies’ room is more or less done. I am no interior designer, and I had no interest in painting or figuring out window treatments at this point in time, but I like the way it looks. I was afraid the room would feel cramped and small with two cribs, but it actually feels more spacious than it did before. I hope those kids like animals found in South Africa, because that is what all of the pictures are. They are pictures that I took when we were there last.  There are also a few pictures of David and I from that trip too. We also have various puppy items, so there isn’t a pure “wildlife safari” theme.  I cannot keep things entirely consistent.

Speaking of puppies, Knightley isn’t entirely sure about the new room. Sometimes, when we are doing things in there he just hangs out in the hallway outside the door.


I keep promising him that things will be okay, but he isn’t too convinced yet.

Here are some pictures of the room from different angles.
001002006width=”660″ height=”495″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-5706″ />

Lastly, I decided to use this Moses Basket to put some of the toys and things that they might be interested in first. That is the one thing in the room Knightley shows any interest in because he assumes all things stuffed and squeaky belong to him. I love it because I love where the toys came from. A lot of them are things that Melissa gave to me that Harrison and Phoebe had, some are my own stuffed animals (like my own childhood Curious George), and some are things that we picked up on trips. A couple of things are gifts from other friends. It is a basket of happy.


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