Thoughts on Baby Furniture Post Election Day

Yesterday, I had a premonition that I needed to check up on the baby furniture collection that we have chosen for the babies. A couple of months ago, David and I purchased a crib and dresser from Buy Buy Baby in a collection that we liked, but we decided on not purchasing the rest of the furniture – a second crib, a hutch for the dresser, and another tall dresser, until the spring, to save money for other needs right now. The sales assistant in the store told us not to worry, it was a popular collection and it absolutely would be there in the spring. Thankfully, I remained a little more skeptical than that. Yesterday, I checked on both the manufacturer’s and Buy Buy Baby’s website for the furniture collection and could find no mention of it. I frantically called the store and they told me that the manufacturer was having problems and taking a break from producing that particular product line. It turns out, that product line is manufactured in the USA (which is part of the reason why David and I wanted to buy it – we like supporting American manufacturers), and their other lines are produced in overseas facilities. The American-made line is “too costly” for them to produce, so they are restructuring and moving that collection to be produced overseas as well. Last night, David and I made a frantic rush to the store to purchase the remaining items that we need that were in stock, before they sold out. So at least we purchased the last of the American-made products.

Today, I woke up to the news that Republicans had made big scores in virtually all political races. It truly has been a triumph for corporate dark money as Republicans sweep office on campaign promises to roll back health care for the poor, limit regulations on Wall Street, and cut taxes for the wealthy. All of this is a tremendous boon for the top 1% of course, as it is exactly what they want. How the dark money overlords can convince middle class Americans to vote for their paid-for candidates is beyond me. The middle class isn’t just stagnating when it comes to growth, it is disappearing. Don’t believe me? Here are some facts and figures that do not lie. It is just more jobs moving overseas to enhance corporate profits, nothing to see here. It baffles me that so many people want to remain ignorant of this reality.

I will continue to try very hard to spend money in a way that is as responsible as I can. I will try to not just pay lip service to trying to support American workers, but it is becoming harder and harder. As frustrated as I am with the election outcomes, I will try my best to still be an idealist and believe that things can get better, no matter how much cynicism I feel inside of me.

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