My Best Friend, Mr. Knightley


Sunday morning, I was feeling kind of crummy, and I didn’t have the energy to do much else besides lie on the couch and watch the Premier League.  My sweet little Knightley jumped up right next to me, settled his head on the pillow I was using and his body on top of my right arm, and we took a nap together.  It was twenty minutes of peace and bliss, because I love how that dog is even more cuddly lately.  I have needed it.

I keep thinking, how did I get so lucky to have this dog in my life?  Earlier this month, we celebrated Knightley’s sixth birthday, and I thought how those six years would have been different, and less manageable without him. Some people need people to make it through things; I needed a loyal dog. That is the introvert in me that fails to be able to articulate my feelings in a way that is understandable to other people, but somehow my dog just instinctively knows. Seriously, I don’t know that I would have made it through these past three years in particular without him.  He has been loyal and sympathetic, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think, what can I do today to give Knightley some of the happiness that he has given me? Sadly, dogs’ lives are too short and I want every day that we have together to be a good one.

I know that things change when babies come, but I promised Knightley that my heart just has to get bigger, because I cannot imagine giving up any of the space that he occupies and passing it to someone else.  I owe him every bit the loyalty that he has shown me.  I owe him the same belly rubs, the same treats, the same cuddles, because after all, our choice to have kids isn’t anything Knightley had any control over.  It shouldn’t affect him negatively in any way.  In fact, I really hope that it affects him in the same way that it hopefully will affect me, it will just make his life more full and happy with a bigger pack of humans who love him.

We took this class in the hospital about how to manage pets with kids, and the whole time I was just thinking, I know Knightley gets it. I know he does.  I go on instinct with that, the same way he instinctively understands me too.

And yes, this is probably one of the cheesiest posts that I have ever written.

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