A Final Child-Free Weekend in the Pines

This is it. No more trips until after the babies are here.  I was glad to get one more short trip in before our lives change, though. Last weekend, we drove an hour and a half down to Pinehurst for one last relaxation weekend.  What it meant for me was time at the spa, which has a fabulous indoor lap pool.  Basically, if I could go swimming every single day I would. I love swimming laps while pregnant. It is about the only physical exercise that doesn’t make me wince with discomfort.  Also, that massage helped too.  The spa in Phoenix was fine, but Pinehurst’s is really fantastic.  Also, they gave my babies gifts.  Even though I got this huge maternity package in Phoenix, they didn’t give the babies a gift.  That is the difference between the South and everywhere else.

The weather was perfect and unbeknownst to us, we were in town on the weekend of their arts festival.  That meant lots of retired white people walking around the village of Pinehurst purchasing baskets made from pine needles and visiting the local Tea Party tent.  (I had to work had to suppress my rage at the Thom Tillis signs, but I did. The weather was too nice to be filled with rage; only mild annoyance and sarcasm).


We ate lunch on Saturday at a new pub that had opened up in the village. Mostly I was thinking, “OOO! A Pub! I bet they will be showing the Chelsea game!” I was wrong. Pubs in Pinehurst show golf and college football only. At least I had remembered to DVR the game back at home.


Because it is Pinehurst, of course some golf tournament was also taking place that weekend. Since we made our plans last minute, all of the rooms at the Carolina were sold out, so we stayed at the Holly Inn instead. I liked it a lot. It is actually older than the Carolina, smaller, and they gave us an adorable little suite.




So we enjoyed nice walks, lots of relaxation time at the pool, some good meals, and just time reading and watching college football. I wanted to play some tennis since the weather was so perfect, but David rightfully assumed that my balance is pretty poor these days and that probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

Anyway, here I am before dinner on Saturday night, at exactly 29 weeks pregnant. I am pretty big. So big, in fact, that my uterus was measuring 41 weeks as of my Tuesday doctor’s appointment. I have no idea how much larger I am going to get, but considering the babies are already measuring the equivalent of one full-term seven pound infant and they have some time to grow, I think I am going to be huge. Seriously, I won’t complain, so long as these babies stay inside until we are ready to come and get them.


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