And Finally Some Progress

A few weeks ago, everything seemed chaotic and a mess. We didn’t have a functioning kitchen or downstairs, and the installation of the hardwood floors took twice as long as we had planned, meaning we were crashing at my sister’s house and living out of suitcases for two weeks (with a trip to Arizona in the middle of that time).  Thankfully, the floors are now done, the movers have moved the furniture back in (although we still have stacks of books that have to be moved downstairs), and we have a functioning kitchen again with the delivery of the new dishwasher and refrigerator.  It feels good. Aside from one easy cosmetic update still to perform on the kitchen (we are getting new hardware pulls for the kitchen cabinets), I think everything is coming together quite nicely. It makes me actually care about keeping the kitchen clean, which I had little interest in before.WP_000482


Our floors are a few shades darker now and I think they look so much better. I also now feel a desire to keep them clean, knowing that I can actually treat them as properly finished floors now.

Today, the installation of the new HVACs for both upstairs and downstairs start, and finally, I got the call that the nursery furniture that we have ordered has come in and we can set up delivery for that.

I don’t know if I will ever get the hang of this pregnancy business while I am actually present. I am a nervous wreck most hours of the day, so any sense of order returning to my life is very helpful.

The only part of pregnancy that I feel like I have a decent handle on is the pregnancy dressing part. I don’t think that I am at all a cute little pregnant lady (hence, that is why the pictures of myself are few and far between), but I do feel lucky that I figured out early on what to wear for work and what to wear for my off-duty hours. My sister got me started with a few of her pregnancy wares, but I had no idea where to go after that. Thankfully, as with my non-pregnancy dressing, I once again was saved by the Brits. Seriously, I don’t know what I would wear without them, because American pregnancy clothes have been a total strike-out for me. So basically, everything that I have purchased since then has been from three companies – Seraphine (the most comfortable maternity jeans, great shirts that can double as nursing shirts as well, and a great variety of dresses, although some tend to run a little short), Isabella Oliver (the best maternity dresses, but pricey, so I watch like a hawk for any sales), and the ubiquitous ASOS that has a huge maternity department, lots of great dresses, and frequent sales. Seriously, I don’t mind at all getting dressed for work in the morning, and some days, I feel even better about the way I look than I did when I wasn’t pregnant.

The clothes provide some small consolation when I know that I am going to spend the rest of my day obsessing about whether or not I am going into preterm labor and whether or not what I am eating is going to be enough for my growing babies and also keep my blood sugar under control.

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