I Do Not Understand Why People Choose to Do These Things More Than Once

So first, the standard pregnancy update: As predicted, things just keep getting more delightful.  See, as large as I am getting to be, I am not going to stoop to complaining about a sore back, tired muscles, or the fact I cannot walk without spraining my ankle. Nope, all of those things are fine; predictable and fine. However, my remarkable string of failure at the doctor’s office continues.  This time around, I did not pass my three hour blood glucose test and so now I officially have gestational diabetes. Woot. I didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal, as the first time I did my own blood sugar test last night after dinner, my number came back a respectable 117. I thought to myself, “Oh, this is going to be easy to manage with my diet. No big deal.” I woke up today and my morning fasting number was 94, over the 90 it was supposed to be. I couldn’t get the meter to work for my post breakfast number, so four test strips and one breakdown later, I gave up.  Then my post lunch test came back 132, over 130. So yes, it has been a day of failure so far.

I keep thinking that with all of the anxiety that I have endured so far with bad test results, and my insane symptom checking about preterm labor signs (I could go into more graphic detail, but some things are best left unsaid), I am so glad that I am only doing this one time. I don’t understand why people choose to be pregnant more than once. Now granted, I am sure 24 year olds whose ovaries and uteruses function properly are speaking honestly when they are all, “MY pregnancy was the easiest thing ever. I just love being pregnant!” More power to those women. Maybe this is my non-maternal instincts who is already tired of reproductive failure side-of-me speaking, but the whole being pregnant thing clearly was not meant to work with my body. Now thankfully, due to modern science, we were able to trick that side of me into becoming pregnant forcefully against its will. This is just that side of me fighting back for all that it has been put through. I was not lying when I said I wish they could have just put me in a coma until I am ready to give birth. I think my good maternal instinct side will kick in once I give birth to these babies. Right now all it is doing is constantly reminding me all of the ways I am already failing these boys while they are still in utero. Like I said, every person has to experience what failure feels like at some point in time during their lives, and I have found that in addition to playing team sports, I am also no good at incubating babies.

So moving on to something else that I don’t understand why people do more than once – l don’t understand people who are addicted to home renovation and decorating. It is really a pain. Last week we spent cleaning out the downstairs as we are having our floors repaired and refinished this week. Even with hiring movers to do the heavy furniture moving, we still had so much back-breaking work to do. (Mostly David did. I am pregnant, after all.) Now here is a look at our respective upstairs versus downstairs.006005001Note: The crap on the fireplace mantle was also removed before they started work.  As were the curtains.

Now I am just thrilled to have to move everything back into its place after the movers return the furniture. I love organizing everything again. While I am at it, let me just also say, I love scheduling time for appliance deliveries and workers to come. It isn’t ever inconvenient at all.  I just hope we like the way everything turns out, because it will have to stay that way for awhile. I am not doing this again as long as we live in our current house.

You can say I sound bitter and ungrateful, but I am just choosing to blame my blood sugar issues.

Also, it is cold and rainy here.  So, maybe it is a lack of vitamin D. In any case, we are headed to Arizona on Friday, so hopefully it will be hot, sunny, and I can spend the entire time in my swimsuit and be a hypocrite about my desert-water issues.

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