Arizona, You are Useless

I just made the mistake of checking the weather forecast for Scottsdale for our weekend getaway. Let me tell you, it sucks. It turns out, Arizona is entirely useless to me. The one time I need an actual desert, the weather forecast there looks like this:


I am so full of rage, I just cannot even. All I can say is that it better be one heck of a spa day on Sunday to make up for the crap weather, otherwise, the trip will be completely worthless as the last trip that we take together before the babies come. I really should have just taken my chance with hurricanes in South Florida and opted for that. Playing against the odds would have suited me a lot better than this nonsense. Of course, I should have known and factored in the fact that the WESTERN HALF OF THE UNITED STATES HATES LESLIE. That should have been an important part of my consideration.

In the meantime, the maternity swimsuit I just got will completely go to waste as I sit around in my hotel room on Saturday.

Freaking desert. Why can’t you just be a desert?

Also Weather Channel “ugh” is not a strong enough word for how I would describe your weather forecast.

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