Historical Unions in a Name

After yesterday’s Scottish vote for independence, Great Britain survives.  I was worried there for a moment.  Since I am not a British citizen, I know that I don’t have any right to an opinion, but I wanted to union to survive. Maybe it is because I exist because of past unions between Scots and English.  That is my heritage.  My grandmother was an Armstrong (her mother was a McIntosh) and was pretty proud of her Scottish heritage.  However, that didn’t stop her from marrying my grandfather whose ancestors came from Southern England to settle Virginia back in early colonial days. My other grandmother was a Campbell by birth (certainly another Scottish clan), and married a Street.  Her ancestry was not 100% Scottish, owing to earlier intermarriages to Balls, Boyds and others.  The point is though, we are the result of the union between Scottish and English people, so I really value that historical political union.

I have been thinking a lot about this as David and I have been trying to think of names for our two boys.  I will admit, the biggest reason I was disappointed that I wasn’t having a girl was because I really wanted to name a daughter Marjorie, after my mother and after her mother.  I still am not entirely over that disappointment.  I think because these babies will have a different last name from my last name, I really want to give them something to reflect my side of the family too, and I feel like good first names reflecting the people that I respect and admire from my ancestry would do that.  David, of course, has a solidly English last name, so we have been focusing on some Scottish names, some of which were significant names in the ancestry of my family.  It is just hard finding the right mix that sounds right. This is the only option since David vetoed naming one of the boys Eden Hazard and the other Didier (after Drogba).

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