The Beach Summer Ends

Unfortunately, the past week and a half of my existence has been nonstop work and other obligations, which is normal with the start of another school year. The week prior to that was our week spent on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks, and it was pretty fantastic.  In spite of a couple of days of rougher-than-normal seas, for the most part we were treated to pretty perfect weather for the beach, which meant we spent a lot of time just hanging out.  Our days were interspersed with beach time, pool time, tennis time, and some time for work from a distance in-between. As always, it was pretty great to spend time with Melissa and her two young’uns, although we lamented the fact that more family couldn’t join us because of bad timing. Thankfully, we were graced with the presence of friends from DC for part of the time, which was an absolute delight.

Other special parts of the trip were that on the trip Phoebe as a toddler became official, as she finally took those first steps without holding on to objects which quickly became running steps by the end of the week.  Knightley had his best week ever at the beach with mild temperatures and his love of a beachside doze in the shade.  We didn’t do a lot, but what really needs to be done when doing so little is so perfect?


The waters were quite rough at the start of the week, but calmed down by the week’s end.  We had a grand time sitting and watching the Yankee tourists who overestimated their swimming abilities tumbling in the waters.


We spent plenty of quality good friend time, which was well-worth it.


My body is completely in that awkward stage of pregnancy where nothing quite looks like it should fit together that way.


I much prefer the up-close pictures with Knightley looking distinguished as he usually does.  Seriously, every day I love my dog a little bit more.  I cannot imagine my life without him in it.



We had three adorable children to also provide us with some human cuteness of course.

Melissa always made sure that there were plenty of goldfish on the beach for all to enjoy with sandy hands.


Other beachside sustenance was also enjoyed, like an ample supply of hot dogs and hamburgers, which really is what summer should be all about.


It was a great week, far too short, but great.  I am already looking forward to next summer’s edition.

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