The Summer Hasn’t All Been Full of Anxiety

Although I have been full of stress and anxiety because of everything that is both known and unknown with this pregnancy (I had the amniocentesis on Monday and have to wait another two weeks for full results now), I have managed to have some good times. The day after the initial problem was found, Knightley and I headed to Mississippi to spend time with family. Although there were some mornings I felt so broken and sad I didn’t want to get out of bed, I did find some ways to cope. Chief among those ways, I took daily walks with Knightley and Jethro (sometimes Harrison too) through the woods and pastures.




Unfortunately, Mississippi was incredibly rainy the entire week that we were there.  Because of it, the pool that my dad was trying to build was still sitting unfinished, and the giant piles of dirt removed for said pool to be built were giant mud heaps around the yard.  This meant several things: 1. Knightley needed almost a daily bath, much to his dislike.  2. Harrison, like most four year old boys, was an absolutely magnet for mud and dirt.


And 3. These were the shoes that I most commonly wore every day just so I could hose them off and leave them in the garage before stepping foot in the house after my walks.


In addition to lots of therapeutic walking, we also did some of my other favorite Mississippi summertime pastimes like picking blueberries.


Heading over to Hattiesburg for a day “in town” that includes playing at the park.


Gator ridin’.


We were also able to enjoy time with more extended family.  In between passing thunderstorms we were out and about and all over the farm.  The big pool may not have been completed, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying other water activities.



I loved our inflatable water toys in the front yard.  It gave such a certain sense of sophistication and elegance to our family gathering.  One of my cousins is newly engaged to some classy broad from Southern California who drives a Porsche, and we were having a good time imagining what would happen if she came to our family reunion and spotted all of our white trash Mississippi accoutrements.

In between thunderstorms, there was also time for gator rides.


Note from the pictures above, in case you didn’t notice, boys far outnumber girls among our offspring.  My cousin Danielle has a girl that is the oldest, and Phoebe is the youngest girl, but aside from those two, it is six boys who were gathered among us (The disparate ratio may be set to further widen).

I think my favorite part of the afternoon though was when we all hopped into the back of one of my dad’s trucks and headed to the blueberry patch for more picking.  Riding in the back of Pa-Paw’s truck was pretty much our favorite Mississippi activity as a kid. He would drive us everywhere, most excitingly, to the store where we would stop and pick up a few push-up popsicles. Seeing the excitement on Harrison’s face when given the opportunity for a pick-up ride, it took me instantly back to that happy place and for a brief moment in time, I had no anxiety whatsoever. It was a great moment just to be in.


So much happiness to be among the Streets.


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