The dreadful days of summer television temporarily go on hiatus beginning tomorrow with the start of the World Cup. It means for the next few weeks, I have DVRed games to look forward to when I come home from work every day. Sure the U.S. team is unlikely to make it out of their group, but I am excited nonetheless. I like cheering for the U.S. in the context of the World Cup. I think this team is more likeable than in years past. Maybe it is because I personally never was a huge Landon Donovan fan, or maybe it is because I love it when the U.S. actually manages to look cosmopolitan in some way, but I love all of the dual nationality players on this year’s team. Seriously, we have someone on the team who goes by the name Mix (short for Mikkel) who is half Norwegian and who looks like this:

I think there are five or six German Americans? Having them on the team means that we benefit from Germany’s excellent youth soccer training system and good old American athletic genes.

But yes, in spite of all that youth and international talent, we probably are not going to make it out of the group stages. If we do, maybe I can convince David that if we have sons we should name them Jurgen and Mix. I would also consider Jozy.

So who else will I be cheering for in the World Cup? Well, basically teams that have Chelsea players, methinks. I can get behind the home team Brazil with Oscar, Willian, Ramires, and even good ole’ David Luiz even though he is PSG bound. I happily will cheer for Belgium and Eden Hazard, Lukaku and Courtois. Even though he is no longer in his prime, I still have a soft spot for Torres of Spain (and Azpiliqueta and I guess Diego Costa may be in Chelsea blue next year). The African side I most likely am to root for is Ivory Coast because Drogba is still pretty great.

I think a couple of those teams possibly can go the distance. I would cheer for England with Gary Cahill and Frank Lampard, but there is no way they are getting past the quarterfinals, because they never do. I do hope they beat Italy, though.

Let the matches begin!

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