We Get Spoiled Again

Let’s hearken back to a simpler time a couple of weeks ago when I could contemplate the activities of walking on a beach and swimming in a pool without having to account for a broken foot. That is exactly what I was able to do when we spent a few days at the St. Regis Bahia Beach for a little rest and relaxation after time in San Juan. My feet were so happy when they looked like this (only one blister from walking too much in Birkenstocks):
The lagoon-style pool was pretty much heaven on earth, in particular because we felt like we were the only guests there.
Of course, the iguanas that scurried about (particularly whenever there were poolside chips and salsa ordered) reminded us that we didn’t have the place entirely to ourselves.
I have stayed at three different St. Regis hotels now, and let me tell you, from the two that had poolside service, it pretty much is the best thing in the world. I have been craving that gazpacho every single day since we have left. It is the only kind of vegetables that I want to eat right now, and it really, really upsets me that I don’t currently live at the St. Regis Bahia Beach just so I can eat some daily. Oh, and doesn’t Erin look the cutest in her hat as we sit and wait for said gazpacho to arrive:
Of course, we were also beachside. The location of the St. Regis is interesting. It sits on the north coast of Puerto Rico, just north of the El Yunque rainforest. This means several heavy rivers empty into the Atlantic Ocean right by the resort, so the mixing freshwater doesn’t get the clearness and clarity of other places, but it is still beautiful and incredibly natural. Did I mention that it felt completely deserted? Because it did.
There were far more sea turtle nests on the beach (17 we counted) than people.
Terrible beach selfie:
What was part of the charm of the resort is that so much of it is a nature reserve, so the beach is lovely and feels isolated and also there are lovely shady walks through what feels like a rainforest (except for the obligatory golf course).
At night you fall asleep to the serenade of thousands of coqui frogs that cover the place. They are hard to photograph because they are so tiny and quick. This was the best I could do.
Seriously, though the entire setting of the place is just beautiful and calm.
The rooms are massive in size and the biggest payoff is the enormous bathrooms with walk in showers that look like this:
Before I put down my head on the comfortable bed to fall asleep to the sound of the coqui, I filled my belly with delicious food at the on-site restaurants. I didn’t know at the time pregnant women are not supposed to eat grouper, but do I regret it? No, I do not.
And again, as lovely as it all was, it was even more wonderful and lovely because of the time that we were able to spend with Erin and Matt.
If you were to ask my opinion about it, I would probably say that I cannot recall a moment in recent memory when I felt more relaxed than while getting the second best facial of my life to the sound of a tropical downpour in a rainforest outside. That spa experience pretty much sums up how I feel about the entire place. I am trying to think back on that now as I hobble through my daily existence.

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