The award for grace and elegance goes to…

So of course since my last post was about some long-awaited medical success, this post has to be about some new medical ailment. This kind of ailment is the self-inflicted kind. Yesterday, I was headed out to lunch with my boss and we stopped over at my house to check on Knightley, who has had some serious separation anxiety lately. I let him out and in the front yard, I had a fall when stepping down from the lawn to the driveway. One would not expect that to be an inherently dangerous activity, but I misjudged the distance, and fell down, scraping up both legs in the process and doing some serious damage to my right foot. It looks awful. This is what it looked like right after it happened as I waited to see the doctor:


Today it is black and blue and even more swollen. The x-rays were not definitive about which bones were broken, but it is possibly three. I have to go back for more x-rays, but regardless of the outcome, I am in an enormous walking boot for the foreseeable future. It hurts a lot and there really isn’t any pain medication that I can take.

Seriously, I have terrible luck.

2 thoughts on “The award for grace and elegance goes to…

    1. Yep. And I won’t even take the Tylenol now because my sister’s lab is working on research that possibly links drugs with the profile of acetaminophen to increased risk of autism. I just found this out yesterday.

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