Graduation Day

Graduation Day

I am trying to hold off any significant pregnancy announcement until I am out of the first trimester (that means no Facebook until later). But since there are approximately five people who read this blog all across the world, I wanted to write something on here, mostly because I wanted to write something about today in a way that I will remember. I have been too paranoid to write anything out of fear of jinxing myself. I still have that fear. However, I feel like just about anything is jinxing myself. Having suffered multiple early miscarriages, I know I will probably feel that way the entire time that I am pregnant.

However, I wanted to celebrate at least at this small milestone. Not only have I made it much farther than I ever have before (nine weeks tomorrow!), but now having had four ultrasounds, and seeing those little heartbeats, I really feel so lucky because no matter what, I will always have that connection.

Yes, I said heartbeats. This is the first time we transferred two embryos and they both decided to stick around this time. We are thrilled, nervous, but thrilled. Today officially marked my last appointment with Dr. Fritz at UNC Fertility. My next appointment will be with a regular ob-gyn. To celebrate our graduation, Dr. Fritz gifted me the book that you see above with the latest ultrasound pictures. The babies look good, are measuring on time, and both have strong heartbeats. It was crazy the first time I heard those little heartbeats a few weeks ago. They have only gotten faster and stronger since then. I hope with all my heart that they keep beating hard and fast.

I couldn’t even begin to count up all of the appointments that we have had with Dr. Fritz. It is too many to count. I have never had a doctor who I have appreciated more, because he was optimistic and enthusiastic when I felt like everything was impossible. It will be strange not going there anymore. I cannot believe that I made it to this point in time.

Sadly, David couldn’t be at the appointment today, because of work obligations across the country. He has been there at all the others though, so he has had the chance to hear the heartbeats too!

6 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. I’m glad to be one of the five, too! I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to see this post! Honestly, seriously, excited for you guys! And, twins! Wow! I had suspicions you might be pregnant based on comments you made in your last two posts; so, I’ve been dying for this post to appear. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!!!!

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