The Summer of Five Beaches

You don’t have to be my best friend to know that I have incredibly strong positive feelings about the beach. There are few vacations that I find appealing that don’t involve something seaside. Visiting a European city like London or Paris is pretty fantastic, but if you can combine that with a trip to the shore I might be even happier. I still have nightly dreams about visiting various African countries, but all of those dreams end with some time spent on some Indian Ocean locale.

This summer, I currently have plans to visit beaches in five different locales. Sure, those locales may not be Zanzibar or Mauritius, but I will take any beach holiday that I can get. (Caveat: This implies a warm weather beach. I can do without the freezing Pacific Coast of the US.)

I follow warm weather currents. So this summer, I am thrilled to be taking a tour of the Gulf Stream. We will start out in Hilton Head. Next, we will be off to Puerto Rico. Later in June, I will be heading to my old hometown, Pensacola (who hopefully will have somewhat recovered from the terrible flood of earlier this week). I expect to be heading up to Melissa’s place in Virginia Beach at some point this summer. Finally, before school starts back in late August, we will be spending another week at Avon on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks.

Any summer with that much planned beach time has to be a good one, in my opinion. All I need are sunny skies and a good book.

Some beaches of years past:

Hanalei Beach on Kauai

Hanalei Beach

Beach at the Cape in South Africa

South Africa beach

Dawn Beach on St. Maarten:

St. Martin

Tintamarre Island:

Tintamarre Island

Pensacola Beach the last time I visited:


I am hopeful that this year’s visit to Pensacola Beach will coincide with a time of the usual calm waters rather than a freak summer storm (as in this picture).

After this brutal winter, I will take all of the sunshine that I possibly can get.

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