The Winter of Discontent

More winter weather is expected in the Triangle today. Seriously, this is not only one of the worst winters the South has ever experienced, but it is also the winter that refuses to be over.  I am so tired of winter weather contingency planning at work.  I am also tired of worrying about whether or not there will be more potential bad weather that will affect our flights later this week.  It is really the worst to have meticulous planning ruined by bad weather. Sadly, that has become a reality more than once this winter.

I cannot describe how much I want it to be spring. We had a small taste this weekend, as it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. Let me repeat that: 70 degrees! Today, we have a winter weather advisory, freezing rain and sleet.

I have felt this weather somewhat parallel to the cruelty that I have felt with my own fertility struggles this winter. I am so sick of talking about it. I am so sick of writing about it. I am so ready to move on to something else to no longer define my life by this.  That is why I am ready for a change of seasons and a change of scenery to beckon in something new.

Right now, I become frustrated too easily about everything.

Edited in the evening to add:

Tonight I was making dinner and I hate my music set to shuffle, when The Indio Girls, The Wood Song played. This song was the class song of my older sister’s graduating IB class, and admittedly, it has been several years since I have listened to it.  With the sleet falling outside, I thought the words were just about perfect for how I am feeling all over again.

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