Family Time

The Duke/UNC basketball game wasn’t the only great thing that happened on Thursday. This little gentleman arrived for a nice visit for the weekend.Harry Gentleman

Yes, Harry picked that hat out himself when we went to the J. Crew outlet.  We also celebrated the Tar Heel victory with cupcakes at Sugarland on Franklin Street on Friday.


Little sister also had to get in on the Tar Heel celebratory action with some adorableness of her own:

037 (2)

It is always great to have them in town for a little while.

Because it has been a family kind of week, yesterday I also agreed to speak in my sister’s medical school classes regarding my experiences as a patient dealing with infertility. It actually was much easier than I thought it would be, and I really appreciated talking about it in clinical terms and learning more from Sarah and the other doctor teaching the class about what is going on behind the scenes with the hypothalamus, anterior pituitary, and of course the ovary through the entire process.  The medical students were overall a nice group. Considering how many different medical students, residents, etc. have been present at one of my 250 doctors appointments that I feel as though I have had at this point in time, I figured talking about it would be not a big deal.

David and I have been deciding when we want to do another frozen embryo transfer.  We have gotten our results back regarding the round of testing that they did to see if there was any easily identifiable reason why I keep having early miscarriages.  The answer is no. There was nothing specific that we found.  So I am just ready to start again and see if these little embryos that we have left, stand a chance.

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