And It Feels so Good!

Last night it was about 115 degrees Farenheit in the Dean Dome. I was severely dehydrated, out of Diet Coke, my throat hurt and my feet hurt. But none of that mattered when the Tar Heels pulled out the big win against the Blue Devils. Aside from my recent trip with my Mom, I do not recall feeling so happy. In fact, I haven’t felt so joyful in a long time. Because of all our infertility struggles, I haven’t felt triumphant or victorious in a very long time. Granted, I didn’t do anything to personally claim the victory aside from screaming my lungs out with the rest of the 22,000 fans in the Dean Dome. It still felt huge. It still felt powerful. I kept saying to David after the game, I just love feeling this happy. I might never know what it’s like to bring home an infant from the hospital, but I will never forget the feeling of being at that game when the final buzzer sounded and everyone (save the few Dookies present) cheered, and smiled and laughed and savored.

If you want to get a sense of what it feels like, first watch this video set the rivalry up:

Then watch this video about the game itself:

And finally, read this article by Adam Lucas (the father of everyone’s favorite ball boy, Asher).

I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the game, because I wanted to soak up the moment. Here are just a few.

Before the game, we paid tribute to the Tar Heels of days past at the Carolina Basketball Museum:

Carolina Basketball Museum

Before the game, it was easy to get excited, because we were sitting with students all around us which made the atmosphere even more festive.

carolina victory 4

We cheered as the team ran out to “Here Comes Carolina”:

Carolina Victory 3

Then, I took no pictures as I dealt with a full range of emotions during 40 minutes of tough play by the Tar Heels.  I love this team because when they play well, there is so much fight in them.  They are the textbook example of a Roy Williams team and his definition of hard work.  They have worked through so many challenges this year and a win like this just feels special.

So in the final seconds, the Dean Dome was the loudest place on the planet.

Carolina Victory 2

And I didn’t begrudge those college kids one single thing as they rushed the court.  This was the victory all of us felt like we deserved, but mostly those kids on the court.  They may not win a national championship this year, but they are a special team.  They made us all believers.

Carolina Victory

Well done, Tar Heels!  I am so glad I was able to be there.  It felt so good.

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