Advanced Planning: Never forget the DOOK factor

Please excuse my radio silence. Last week we had an epic winter event here in North Carolina.  This winter event was entirely predicted.   On Wednesday, we were told we would have heavy snowfall, followed by freezing rain, and followed by more snow on Thursday.  It just so happened, that this winter event coincided with another event that is meaningful around these parts – the North Carolina/Duke basketball game.  Knowing this, I came home from work Tuesday afternoon and told David that we needed to contingency plan to ensure we would make it to the game on Wednesday night without a hitch.  Here was the plan I developed.

Step 1: Wednesday morning, David would drop me off at work and take Knightley over to Sarah’s house for Knightley to spend the snowstorm with his friends Laser and Clover.  David would work from Sarah’s house.

Step 2: At approximately 12:30, David would pick me up from the law school and we would drive over to the Carolina Inn to check in. The car would be valet parked, and David would work from the Inn for the afternoon.

Step 3: I walk back to the law school to staff the library for the afternoon so everyone else could leave to drive home before the weather gets bad. I stay until we close the library at 5.  Then, I walk over to the Carolina Inn to meet David for dinner there (we had previously made reservations).

Step 4: Walk to the basketball game. Enjoy game. Walk back to the Carolina Inn.

Oh what? Duke’s bus couldn’t get them here? Oh never mind. My plan (which went off without a hitch up until that point), forgot to factor in one thing that I should have remembered to factor in, that Duke Basketball Team and its coaches are a bunch of WANKERS who are incapable of the advanced planning that I just demonstrated by my thought-out weather contingency plan to take into account the weather report.  Seriously, I didn’t factor in the fact that Duke is going to always be DOOK!

I thought I was incapable of hating Duke more than I already did, but as it turns out, there is a whole different level of hate that was subsequently possible when you invest time and effort into making a plan only to have it be destroyed by a bunch of idiots incapable of advanced planning. Duke is the worst, and the worst just keeps getting more and more worse.

Nonetheless, here are some pictures from the storm.

When David and I left from the law school to go to the Carolina Inn, the snow had just started falling. Thirty minutes later, when I walked back to the law school, there was already snow piling up on the ground and traffic backed up in every direction. The problem is that UNC didn’t cancel classes until 1pm, and everyone fled right when the snow started falling. By 2pm, the university decided to close the offices too, so my walk back to the Carolina Inn looked like this:

The Carolina Inn looked beautiful in the snow, though:


That evening, there was much bitterness in Chapel Hill; so many disappointed undergrads who had been so excited about going to the game now had no option but to drink away their sorrows. The Walgreens on Franklin Street was running desperately short of PBR.  David and I just walked around the snowy campus.


The next morning, the worst of the storm had passed and David and I walked over to the law school. Although school was cancelled that day, I needed to work on a CLE presentation that I thought I would be delivering the next day (that ultimately was cancelled too). Now, there was a glaze of ice on top of the snow on every surface.


When I found out the CLE program was going to be cancelled, I walked back to the Carolina Inn again. David and I were staying for another night. Our afternoon looked mostly like this: David on conference calls for work, myself ordering room service (a fried green tomato sandwich with pimento cheese and sweet potato fries) while watching a “The Only Way is Essex” marathon on Hulu.


You really cannot go wrong at the Carolina Inn. I love that place. The food is fantastic (we had two great nights of meals at the Carolina Crossroads Restaurant, including banana bread pudding that I could every day and not get tired of it).  It is haunted. The profits of the Carolina Inn benefit the UNC University Library. They are a green hotel, and most of their furniture was built by North Carolina furniture makers. It is wonderfully historic, and there is great university paraphernalia everywhere (here is what was hanging over our bed):


Our two night midweek getaway turned out to be incredibly lovely.  When we checked out on Valentine’s Day morning, I told David, “Let’s just cancel our dinner reservations for tonight. We just had two nights at the Carolina Inn!”

We picked up Knightley and we headed home.  The ice on the roads was just starting to melt, so the drive home wasn’t so bad.  When we arrived home, we were greeted with this view:


David set to work clearing the driveway and Knightley and I played.


They rescheduled the Duke game for Thursday night. Cloudy skies are predicted.  Whether or not the Duke bus is able to make it remains to be seen.

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