Maybe this isn’t the best time to be going to London…

I realize our trip is still about a month away, but I cannot help but think our timing may not be fortuitous. I am pretty sure that the Tube strike situation will be resolved by then (of course, knowing my luck, I could absolutely be wrong about that).  However, I am less sure about the weather situation evolving before then. This winter it seems the UK has been battered by one terrible storm after another, so I am planning on definitely having to deal with even more rain than is typical for London. Of course, that also assumes that we are able to get there because these East Coast polar vortexes keep reoccurring on our side of the pond. We are flying through JFK to Heathrow, and recalling the sort of weather chaos that we dealt with in January, I am not at all confident that we won’t have weather related problems even in March from snow. That stupid groundhog has me questioning things.

Nonetheless, I continue with my planning, but I have already begun the second guessing myself, wishing that we were going somewhere warm and tropical, like St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  I should have done the sailing trip. How was I to know that winter was going to be so terrible?

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