Obligatory Weather Post

It has been cold down here in the Southland. I know all of you Northerners just think we are a bunch of whiners and bad drivers when you hear stories like what happened in Atlanta on Tuesday/Wednesday.  I maintain it simply doesn’t make sense for Southern municipalities and states to invest so much money in snow removal equipment for the rare freak storm that we get down here. However, local government should do a much better job of making sure people don’t have to get on the roads like they did in Atlanta on Tuesday if they aren’t going to invest in snow removal equipment too. Also, no one can drive on a solid sheet of ice; so I don’t want to hear it from anyone up North about how stupid we are.

In North Carolina, snowstorms are rare, but we have them enough to have some snow/ice removal equipment. Our roads were pretreated in many areas. Still, when I woke up Wednesday and realized that I would have to drive to the university because they didn’t cancel any afternoon classes (my class starts at 1:00pm), I was upset.  I have significant experience driving in the snow, having lived seven years in Utah, but I did not want to get out and deal with North Carolina drivers who didn’t have as much experience. Furthermore, the roads weren’t just snowy, they were icy and especially slick for navigating the hills we have in the Piedmont.

Thankfully, I made it to and from work safely. The roads in Durham were terrible, but as soon as I crossed into Chapel Hill, the roads were all clear. By my drive home, all the roads (except my neighborhood) were just fine.

Still, I moved to the South to escape from winter weather.  I am seriously reconsidering why I didn’t opt for St. Vincent and the Grenadines for Spring Break instead of London…

Here are a few pictures when the snow looked pretty around our house first thing in the morning.

Our house had a halo of blue sky around it:


The woods in our backyard looked as wintry as any North Carolina wood could:


Knightley sniffed around and licked up some snow:


However, in general he showed a superior indifference to frozen precipitation.


I agree Knightley. Snow isn’t anything to be excited about.

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