Happy Christmas Day

This is the first Christmas that David and I spent at home and did not travel.  It was a quiet, but nonetheless pretty great Christmas day.  We woke up in the morning and watched Knightley get excited about the treats that Santa left for him in his stocking.  I marveled over a toothbrush that plays some One Direction song through your teeth! (Note: I am loathe to want to give Simon Cowell more money, and I know nothing about One Direction except one of them is named Harry and they all wear very tight trousers, but I wanted the toothbrush because I was fascinated by something playing music through your teeth.) We Skyped with various family members in the morning. We ate seafood for Christmas dinner and went and saw Mandela in the afternoon. 

The next morning, I took David to the airport so he could fly to Utah to spend a few days with his family.  I went from the airport to the doctor’s office for another beta hCG check.  So far, the past week of my life has felt like a complete miracle. My beta hCG went from 26 last Wednesday, to 78 on Friday, to 401 on Monday, to 1246 yesterday.  It doesn’t seem possible, but I am trying to be hopeful and optimistic.  Of course, I know all to well that things can change on a dime, and there are no certainties to myself remaining pregnant, but again, I am trying to show gratitude for the miracle of the past week and be hopeful that things will continue to go well.  It is all I can do.  With my beta check yesterday, the doctor finally felt like he could forgo further beta tests, and instead scheduled me for an ultrasound on January 7.  I am praying that day comes quickly and with no complications before then!

In the meantime, I am trying to relax and keep a low profile as much as possible. Yesterday, when I got back from the doctor, I relaxed around the house and went and saw The Hobbit in the afternoon. I read another Alexander McCall Smith book.  I am trying not to do anything that stresses me out or causes anxiety. I do have a work-related trip going to New York before January 7, which makes me a little nervous, as I don’t like being far from my doctor if anything does happen.

I know I have dragged them out, but I still have on more St. Martin related post to do!

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