L’Îlet Pinel

Pinel Island is a smaller island off the northern coast of St. Martin. You can catch a quick ferry over from the town of Cul de Sac, or you can rent a kayak and take it across the half of a mile channel.  We planned on doing the latter. Unfortunately, we arrived too earlier (that is a common curse in our family), and the kayak rental hut wasn’t open yet. So we had to do the ferry.  I wasn’t too disappointed, as I am not much of a kayaker, but I know Mom wanted to kayak, so I was disappointed for her.


Nonetheless, it didn’t ruin our day on the island.  We started out the day by renting a couple of beach chairs to drop our beach wares, and then headed out for some of the island’s hiking trails.



We hoped to spot some of the island’s resident tortoises, but they remained hidden from us in the tall grass.  We still enjoyed lovely views all around the island.





After our nice walk around the island, we headed back to our beach chairs for some relaxing and swimming.



Of course, nothing says relaxation like a bottle of cold water and Diet Cokes.  I liked that one of the island’s restaurants was called Karibuni.  Nothing like the Swahili word for welcome to make me feel relaxed.

The water was pretty great too.




It was a pretty great place just to float and watch the passing clouds.


Now that I am sitting back in rainy North Carolina, I certainly could go for another morning on this sunny little island.

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