Sailing (Part 1)

When David and I came to St. Maarten on our Seabourn cruise in March, we participated in the 12 Metre Regatta in Phillipsburg. Racing on Dennis Connor’s Stars and Stripes, I thought at the time that my mother would love this. After all, the reason I am interested in sailing at all is because of Mom’s influence. She loves a day on the water. So, I wanted to bring her back to St. Maarten so she could participate in the America’s Cup challenge and maybe we could participate in some other sailing activities.

We were excited, because once again, our team won the coin toss meaning that we would get to race on the Stars and Stripes versus the Canadian boat, True North.

Here Mom is about to board Stars and Stripes:

Unfortunately, my Mom and I were assigned tasks on different parts of the boat so we didn’t get to sit together. I did the same task as last time, but I was much better at it this time, not only because I had handled the ropes and winches in the back once before, but because I understood the concepts of what the sails were supposed to do based on wind direction, thanks to my sailing lessons. I knew when the sails needed to come in or be let to go all the way out when the wind was behind us and we were on a run. I knew that the sails would then have to come in for a controlled jibe. This made things so much smoother, and I felt like I actually knew what I was doing.


I didn’t enjoy the other tourists making up the crew as much as the people from our cruise ship (they were mostly from a Celebrity Cruise ship in port that day and were weirdly unfriendly, and some wanted to wear far too few clothes in proportion to their body size), but the paid crew again were fantastic, and made sure we didn’t make idiots of ourselves.


This time, we actually won! We came from behind to beat the Canadian team, which was quite exciting.


The most important thing was that Mom had a great time. That was all I wanted.


I really wish I lived closer to the water so that I could sail a lot more often. I think it is a hobby that I could really get into if it was more convenient for me to be able to do it more often.


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