Sun and Skin

We stayed at the Westin on Dawn Beach which was pretty fantastic in every single way.  I had booked an oceanview room, but when we arrived at the hotel, they upgraded us to an oceanfront room which means that we were greeted with this view after we dropped our luggage:



Yes, neither my mother nor I had one word of complaint about our room.


We arrived at the hotel shortly before five, and I was just thinking to myself, how soon can I be on that beach?

We changed into our swimsuits to walk to the beach and were treated to another glorious sight – the swimming pool.



We soon discovered we were not the only creatures that were enjoying the pool, as there were several iguanas soaking up the sun poolside too.


This brings me to my age-old internal debate with myself. As a child of Florida, I think feeling the sun beating down on my skin ranks among my top ten favorite things of all time. As a kid I never remember wearing sunscreen. But sometime in my late teens, I started to freak out about how much my skin freckled in the sun, and how many wrinkles I would have later in life because of sun damage. Two years ago, I had to have a suspicious mole removed (and the scar on my arm is huge). So, I love the sun, and yet I am terrified of it. Now, I slather my entire body in SPF 45 sunscreen, and I still get rashes from sun exposure. It is really awful.

But there at Dawn Beach, I really didn’t want to care about all of that. I just wanted to feel the sun and water. Perfect beaches and pools do that to me.

So here is my barefaced glory:



Note: Barefaced still means SPF 45, it just means no hat (or sunglasses while swimming).

Mom also enjoyed the sun soaking action:

Here are a couple more pictures of Dawn Beach. I really do recommend The Westin if you are considering a trip to St. Martin. It was a wonderful hotel. Our room was clean and bright, the bathroom was huge with a separate tub and enormous shower, and the service throughout the hotel was perfection. They also have a pretty good spa. I also loved the hotel’s location. Dawn Beach is on the Atlantic side of the island, so it means you have rougher waters, but the ocean is clean, and the waves mean that you get to fall asleep every night to the sound of the ocean. That was a real treat. Also, it is on a part of the island that is quieter, and thus better suited to relaxation. It is technically still in Dutch Sint Maarten, but you are right on the border of French St. Martin. This is a great benefit because you have the benefit of being on the Dutch side (no plug adapters needed because they use U.S. plugs, pay for everything in U.S. dollars), but the French side with all of its excellent food is literally right there. I definitely would stay at the Westin again. Hopefully, David and I can go back sometime!



3 thoughts on “Sun and Skin

  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that! Yeah, I can definitely see how the sun would get you there. I reapplied sunscreen like every fifteen minutes, but I still got a blotchy sun rash (I don’t sunburn anymore, I get blotchy and breakout into hives; It is disgusting). When were you there?

  2. We were there in 2005, right after I finished the bar exam. Our ship only stopped for 8 hours or so. Definitely not enough time! Hopefully we can go back someday.

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