Under Caribbean Skies


I just returned from St. Maarten/Martin. It was a fantastic trip with my mother.  We were fortunate to have some pretty outstanding weather that was ideal for relaxing outdoors as well as the activities that we did. The day we arrived, we were told it had rained for the three days prior to our arrival, and the day we left, it began raining again.  When it is cold at home and I am in a warm place, I could lounge under sunny skies, just watching the passing clouds for hours.


We did have a couple of passing showers during our time on the island, but rain can be absolutely beautiful in the Caribbean. It is amazing how fast a squall can roll in and pass through. Here is a short video of a storm rolling in on Dawn Beach, viewed from the balcony of our hotel room.  It was amazing to watch and was quick coming through. By the time we finished our spa appointments, there was no trace of rain, but everything felt clean and fresh.

The rain can produce beautiful results on the Caribbean. On the last night of our stay, Mom and I ate a remarkable dinner at a restaurant called Le Shambala located in Grande-Case on the French side of the island. We made it in time for sunset as a rain squall passed over Anguilla. I think the skies speak for themselves, at this point:



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