Two Good Weeks?


That picture was the last time that I attempted a “selfie” of any kind (and it is a rare shot of me wearing a tee shirt, but not caring because Harry is adorable, as always). I think it was from the last time Harry visited.  It has been over a month since I have seen him and his family.  Happily, it is going to be a good week because this week, my family is coming to my house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Harry’s dad will be missing again, since he is out in the ocean on an aircraft carrier again.  So, the family will not quite be complete without Jordan.  I am nonetheless excited to have everyone else here, though.  Even with the terrible weather that we are predicted (which means less tennis), I am still excited to have time together.  We start out the celebration tomorrow night with Sarah’s birthday party.

I have never hosted my family for Thanksgiving and I am really excited to do it!  I have cooked a turkey before, thanks to many Thanksgivings spent far from my parents in Utah.  However, I want to make sure everything is exactly right.  We also will be having Tracy, Ainsleigh, and Rippy join us, so it will be quite a large group.

Then, on Friday, after my morning doctor’s appointment, I have another adventure planned. Mumsy and I will be headed to St. Maarten for a week in the Caribbean (I have never in my life called my mother, Mumsy, but that sounds about right when you are headed to the Caribbean for a week spent on beaches and sailboats).  I cannot wait to take our first mother/daughter vacation out of the country.  I just hope St. Maarten is ready for our kind of crazy!

I am excited about what should be two, very good weeks.  My biggest worry for the next two weeks is going to be whether my estrogen patches stay properly adhered to me with all of the swimming and snorkeling. Other than that, I am going to try to not worry about anything.

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