The Americans Have Screwed Me Again!

I just read today that Fox is putting The Mindy Project on hiatus.  First it was NBC doing that to Parks and Rec, and now this? Seriously, I am pretty sure that American Network Television really doesn’t want me to pay any attention to it anymore.  Considering that those were about the only two television shows that I watched anymore, I think that is the message I am getting. Perhaps they don’t care that they have abandoned me to Hulu for my primary television shows, because that is where I can watch all of the British shows that are far superior to American programming.  This week, David and I watched the first season of The Wrong Mans, which was a BBC show that Hulu bought the rights to, which is hilarious.  The only problem with British shows is that the seasons are too short and they are over far too quickly.  I think Luther is over for good, and it has taken so long for us to get another season of Sherlock, which will be three episodes and over so quickly as soon as it starts in January. Broadchurch was really great earlier in the fall.

Just because American television is so terrible, maybe I will finally force myself to watch the new Doctor Who.  I am not a science fiction person and never could get into that show in the past, but maybe now since it will have Malcolm Tucker, I will want to watch it. However, I fear if I do, I will keep waiting for some fantastic expletive-filled rant on the Prime Minister’s staff, and when it never comes, I will be disappointed. Doesn’t that show have something like 40 seasons, so maybe I can watch it and not run out of shows and be so sad when the series is over?  But no, my dislike for science fiction will probably keep me from wanting to watch all 40 seasons.

Also, there are only so many times I can rewatch the same episodes of Top Gear on BBC America over and over again.  But sometimes there is nothing else on my American television with its hundreds of channels.  Sometimes I just turn on Hulu to rewatch episodes of The Thick of It for the same reason.

If you become as tired of American television as I have, go to Hulu, to the “Popular British” television section, and browse.  I have watched a lot of them, so now I am starting to scrape down the barrel of what is left. I think I might have to watch It’s All about Amy, since I have watched all the seasons of The Only Way is Essex. Maybe I will have to start watching, it’s almost awful to say, Coronation Street?  That is about all that is left. Shameful.


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