Hibernation Season


Here is my first, last and only housekeeping tip that I will ever post on this blog: If you have a very furry black doggie, who is incredibly spoiled and cannot be at a greater distance than five feet from you at any given time you are at home, do not have all white bedding.  It will never be clean again.

Since the weather has cooled off here, David and I pulled out our winter white bedding and realized we needed to get new bedding this year. So many Knightley related problems. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t know if it is the Nyquil I have been taking for my dreadful cold or just that it is in my head, but I swear I am sleeping better with darker bedding.  In fact, everything is so cozy in bed that it harder than ever for me to want to get out of bed.

I think I might have a touch of the depression that makes it entirely more difficult to get out of bed too. I have had little motivation to talk to people on the phone, much less to go outside and physically interact with people. Give me 1200 thread count sheets, a warm doggie who likes to snuggle, and I am good for the day. Well, not the entire day because I still have to go to work, but seriously, I am home and this is where I want to be.

Who can argue with this face?


I am sure I will eventually snap out of it and desire actual human interaction again, but as for now, I have a stack of books piled on my bedside table that I have been putting off way too long. It is the order of the day during hibernation season.


Yes, you can see that we have made our decision about our trip in the spring. It will be London. The hotel is already booked and I am starting to line up restaurant reservations. I am just that kind of crazy travel planner, but just to brag on myself for a moment, travel planning is something that I do rather well. It puts all of my research skills to highly sophisticated uses as I cross-reference a variety of different websites, books, newspapers, reviews, etc. to plan on the best itinerary (while still leaving time for just wandering). Travel planning is also an entirely compatible activity to my current hibernation lifestyle. Thanks to my Surface, I can plan everything that I need from the comfort of my own bed.

So yes, I don’t mind if you call me lazy. I need this to reorder myself right now. I need to feel warmth and comfort and work out things in my head.

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