Fall Roses

The cooler weather of early fall means that our roses really start to flourish again. Their colors get brighter and the blooms become larger and more robust. We have spent a summer neglecting parts of our gardens because heavy rain all summer long made maintenance so difficult, but the roses remain the best tended part of the front yard.


This deep velvety English Rose from David Austin is my favorite in fall.


It is the first variety that I picked out for us to add to the garden. David doesn’t think that it fits as well with the other roses that were already pre-existing in the garden when we moved into our house.  I love it probably because it is so different. We have a couple of other buses that need to be replaced and I really want to add in a few other varieties of English Roses because I love their fullness and aroma.

This bright orange/pink ones are David’s favorite:


I am trying to focus on these simple, beautiful things because it is the only way I don’t become crazy obsessive thinking about the doofuses in the House of Representatives right now.  Perhaps I will need to write an extended post just to let my rage out.

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