This past weekend, I was able to enjoy more time with these adorable young’uns.


We spent a weekend enjoying the simple things in life: crepes from a truck in Carrboro, games of backyard catch, time in the park, and homemade pizza parties.


You know, it was a good early fall weekend.

I am trying to think about that weekend now because I am trying to avoid popping a blood vessel by the amount of anger I have towards Republicans in Congress right now.  Seriously, I’ve got a message for you jerks, if you dare make it so those adorable children’s father doesn’t get his paycheck next month for his Navy Service, then I declare by the fire of Hades, I will donate to whatever Democratic organization is devoted to defeating you in the next election cycle.  I will mock you to anyone who is willing to listen, and when I am in DC next time, I will take Knightley on walks all around the Capitol and will not pick up his poop hoping you step in it with your expensive taxpayer-funded shoes.

President Obama and the American people do not negotiate with terrorists (whether they are threatening to shutter the federal government or destroy the U.S. economy)!

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