Some gratitude

Today, I found myself rereading this article from 2012 regarding the proposed Personhood amendments in that election season. In May of 2012, David and I knew that something was wrong, but hadn’t yet moved along to the Reproductive Endocrinologist. Things moved so quickly after that, though.  On Sunday, we received a phone call from the cheerful Dr. Silvia Ramos mentioned in the article.  It was good news for us, something that we are generally unaccustomed to, and I thought about how I now know these doctors in the article personally. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many times I have visited the RE clinic in the past year and a half, but it has been many, many times. We probably still have many visits in our future.  I just wanted to pause for a moment to express some gratitude for where we have been before I think more about all we have left to overcome. I am lucky that I have good doctors that have been kind to me throughout this process and who really have seem invested in helping David and I become parents.  Even if it doesn’t happen, I will feel like they did all that they could to help us.

I feel lucky to have family and close friends that don’t get annoyed with me talking about these struggles.  I don’t have a huge social circle, and there are few people that I trust, but I would go to the mat for any of the people that I love and care about, and I feel blessed to think that they would do that for me too.

And mostly, I feel lucky to have David who tries his best to help me in the ways that I need help. Like all married couples, we have frequently clashed with the division of household labor (and with having different methods of achieving the same ends), but I am grateful that David tries to make things better and doesn’t consider work beneath him.  I was thinking about it last night when he was administering another shot deep into my muscle that I was grateful I finally trusted him enough to let him do it and not insist that I had to do it on my own.

Finally, there is Knightley. That little dog hops up on the bed and is happy for me to hold tight him and licks my face when I am receiving said intramuscular injection. He is the best comfort dog in the world for me and I cannot think of how my life would have been without having Knightley these past five years.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I am glad that these experiences have helped me realize how much I should cherish the people that I love in my life right now.

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