NY Fashion Week

embarrassingly, during the weeks of fashion weeks in the various cities – New York, London, Milan and Paris, I spend too much time in the evening looking over the day’s collections. I wish I could break free of my clothing obsession, but I cannot just do that all at once, as many times as I have tried. However, this week’s New York Spring 2014 collections might be pushing more closer to the verge than anything else. From my perusal of the collections the big trends for spring include every garment of clothing being transparent and lots of crop tops.  I really don’t see how these trends are wearable for anyone other than models and celebrities.  Maybe some socialites?  I certainly don’t know of women who have normal jobs and who are over the age of 25 can wear these things.  There are a few exceptions to this. If I could find a way to get my hands on it, I probably would wear most anything in Lyn Devon’s newest collection which is incredibly wearable. If I were a princess or a duchess, and my day job was to appear fancy and lovely all of the time, then I would wear a good 50-75% of Jenny Packham’s latest collection. However, I am not the Duchess of Cambridge.  But what else really impressed me? Not that much, actually. The Jill Sander Navy Lookbook was pretty great, but I always gravitate towards wearable minimalism. And Billy Reid didn’t even do a runway show for his women’s collection this time around, so that was one less thing to look forward to.

I think that one thing that has turned me off increasingly to clothing is that technology has made narcissism and exhibitionism so much easier to broadcast and so much more accepted in popular culture (and yes, that Malcolm Tucker speech that he gave to the Goolding Commission about how the whole world is a culture of leaking is definitely spot on about this). It makes me miss the days when wearing the labels on the outside of your clothes to show off the brand was the worst sin of conspicuous consumerism.  Now, we have women who think it is their full-time job to blog about the labels that they wear and take hundreds of pictures of themselves wearing clothing.   First off, I find this trend hilarious because most of these women doing this don’t actually have jobs or real reasons to leave their house every day but they are dressed up like they have some important function to attend at all times.  Mostly, the point of these women leaving their house is just to be seen by others.  I may like clothes, but clothes still have a function according to what activity you are doing. I mean, as much as I would love to wear Jenny Packham ball gowns to work every day, that would be ridiculous, by the same degree that dressing up just to take a picture of yourself and put it on the internet is also ridiculous.

I am probably a touch hypocritical about this but just as I have always hated clothing where labels are apparent on the surface, so to do I hate dressing up as a way to show off wealth and status to other people. I don’t have a problem with people wearing nice clothes, because as I stated before, I love clothes.  I spend too much of my disposable income on my own closet. So I guess it is just about motive? And if your motive is to “peacock” and show off, then I guess you are the kind of person that finds it necessary to post a picture of every item of clothing that you wear online as well as dozens of pictures of you wearing said item.  As with most things, I am completely fine with people doing things and wearing things that they wear just because they like them. But if you are doing it just for that reason, then you probably aren’t trying to profit or commercialize what you are wearing by advertising yourself that way.

Anyway, the more I think about this, the more I realize I am probably just trying to justify myself and differentiate myself from the shallowness around, when the truth is I probably have to give up liking clothes the same way to really be authentic about it. But there is this great short documentary that looks a little bit at this phenomenon that I am talking about called TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.

London Fashion Week starts next, though, and so it is possible that I might entirely change my mind, because London Fashion Week has kicked the trash out of New York’s for a few years now.

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