As an aside

My hair is now to the length where I start wondering if I should cut it all off. When Michelle Dockery shows up to the US Open totally rocking her bob while still maintaining elegance, it gives me ideas.

Michelle Dockery US Open

Sadly, I think if I cut my hair off to try to mimic that style, I would look less Lady Mary Crawley and more Terri Coverly.

The Thick Of It

And if you don’t know who Terri Coverly is, then I am sorry that you never watched The Thick of It, which is the funniest political show that I have ever seen. It also probably the most perceptive. It is helpful to sometimes remind myself that politicians in every other country are as clueless as our American elected officials.  I watched it all on Hulu, and let me tell you, sometimes I wish that I could turn a phrase the way Malcolm Tucker can.

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