Ten Years

David and I went back to DC this past weekend. The trip to DC was the result of my screw up. You see, ten years ago on Labor Day weekend, David and I met when he came to New York City for the U.S. Open. I had only moved there a week before. So naturally, David wanted to return back to the site where we met and spend the weekend watching tennis. The problem with that is that I had already made reservations in a most non-refundable way to spend Labor Day weekend at the Mandarin Oriental in DC. When I had made the reservations, I had completely forgotten about the significance of that weekend to the history of Leslie and David.

But at the same time, it seemed all together fitting to return to DC, the place where we really made our first home after we got married almost five years after we met. There is something about DC that always makes me feel like coming home, and that mostly is because we have such good friends that live there. After a year of being in a ward at church that makes me entirely apathetic about going to church, I cannot describe how warm it felt to be back in the Capitol Hill Ward on Sunday. Many of the faces are different, but just enough are the same.

We had the added advantage of having Melissa and Jordan also in town for the weekend, so we were able to spend more time with them. I watched Harry and Phoebs on Saturday morning while they went to the temple. Harry posed with temple doors and we discussed the meaning behind the symbols on the doors.


We spent Saturday afternoon sailing with Matt and Erin.  Matt recently took sailing classes and was delighted to take us out.  The whole day left Erin, David and I ready to complete the same sailing course. I still may remember the sailing terminology from my youth with my mother, but I could use more than a refresher. The afternoon on the Potomac was really a treat, but I could say the same thing about any time that we spend with Matt and Erin.


Matt and Erin’s little cub also is an adorable kid, so it was a great weekend to spend in the presence of three adorable children.  On Sunday, after our trip to the Capitol Hill Ward and lunchtime stop at Café Rio (where, I will note, we were not the only Mormons even on a Fast Sunday), we took Melissa and Jordan out to Great Falls which was packed full of people. The river was still lovely to look at in spite of the crowds.


Sunday evening we saw the Nats battle back to beat the Mets. If Harry would have stayed to the end, he would have been disappointed, as he decided at the start of the game to cheer for the Mets.


The picture above shows little P’s response to the game. She was all, “This is adequate.”  Her response was significantly better to baseball than the Metro.  She hated that.  Harry, in contrast, loved it. I told Melissa and Jordan they have so much to look forward to if Harry and Phoebe have the exact opposite responses to everything like they had to the Metro.

So although we didn’t spend the weekend watching Serena deliver a beat down to every tennis player in her path, I feel as though our weekend was pretty well spent. We had the opportunity to spend time with people we love and reflect on the life that we have built together in those ten years since those Flushing Meadows rain delays.

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