Pinehurst for the Weekend


David has been working and travelling so much lately, his boss treated us to a weekend getaway at Pinehurst.  For the golf-loving types, this place is heaven, particularly since Pinehurst #2 has been completely restored in anticipation of hosting the US Open next year for the PGA tour and the women’s tour (I don’t know what it is called, but I feel like it has Ladies in the title, and I don’t like that word).  But, I haven’t played golf really since I took lessons in high school, and David doesn’t play at all. Maybe it is something we can take up together in our geriatric years. Being in Pinehurst certainly makes me consider taking golf up again, anyway.

But for now, aside from some great tennis there, we mostly spent our time at this part of Pinehurst:


We were fortunate that the rain held off long enough for us to play some tennis and take some very nice walks. We walked up to the clubhouse for Pinehurst Golf Courses 1-5.


Don’t you like how slovenly I look? This was after the spa time and before I had taken a shower, and in my defense, although it was not raining at the time, it was incredibly humid.

Anyway, we had a perfectly lovely weekend in the village of Pinehurst and enjoyed our stay at the Carolina so much that David and I are thinking about going back and taking part in the golf academy at some point in time.

Unfortunately, after Sunday night, it doesn’t look light tennis nor golf is in David’s near future. We made it back to Durham just in time before the biblical rains started.  Flash flooding took over the Durham/Chapel Hill area. On Sunday night, we drove over to Sarah’s house for an indoor/outdoor cookout, and under a covered porch, David slipped and fell quite badly on a brick patio while he was playing with the dogs.  The result: a wrist badly broken in two places.  Fortunately, it was his left wrist. Unfortunately, the injury is quite bad, and the doctors had a hard time setting the wrist properly at the emergency room. We were there until almost 3 in the morning.  David is in a lot of pain still, and I fear that surgery is in his future.  It is too bad they couldn’t schedule that for the same day as my surgery next Monday! We could be hospital buddies.

For two fairly healthy people, I don’t even want to talk about how much David and I have been spending on medical care lately…

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