Playing Auntie

I have lagged behind in updating the blog because life has been quite busy in recent weeks.  While most of the business has referred to work assignments and teaching obligations, there has been one far more pleasant diversion.  Last week, I spent most of the week in Virginia with my nephew Harry as my sister was at the hospital delivering my new niece into the world.  It was a pretty fun and special time.

For the first couple of days, it was just Harry, Knightley and I making our way around the parks, Targets, and beaches.  It was a lot harder to handle a rambunctious dog and toddler than I thought it would be, but we had a great time.  Knightley loved playing with Harry and who could blame him?

Harry beach

Of course, during the first couple of days when it was just me with the two boys, I barely had a free hand to take any pictures.  I managed to take just one other picture during those two days before Mom arrived, and when we were not visiting the hospital.

Harry beach 2

Of course, we also visited the hospital so Harry could meet his new little sister. He was sufficiently impressed.

Harry approvesHArry holds

Welcome Phoebe Mae!


I love her name because it reminds me a little of Ma-Maw’s name. She was Dorothy Mae Campbell by birth, and Phoebe Mae has a Scottish surname too.

Here are the proud parents with their newest progeny:


Here they are with both of their offspring:


In spite of Harry’s face, he was really thrilled to have a little sister.  In fact, as I was taking these pictures, he insisted “I am smiling.”


Sure you are, Harry! Just on the inside, right?

He was more enthusiastic (as reflected in photographs), when Phoebe came home.


Harry and I made a sign to welcome Phoebe home:


Aren’t we so artistic? All of those puppy stickers were an artistic choice of Harry, but Knightley also felt included, since he was there to welcome Phoebe home too.

Before Phoebe made it home, Mimi arrived from Mississippi and there was plenty more fun to be had at the beach:

Harry MimiHarry Mimi 2

Trust me when I say that both boys were thrilled to have the attention of their Mimi.

Side note about Virginia Beach: Don’t expect peace and quiet at the beach there.  There is always some kind of military aircraft flying overhead. Always.


Mimi also met her granddaughter at the hospital:


We also had another occasion to celebrate, Harry’s 3rd birthday!


Of the few presents that I gave him, by far his favorite was the remote control robot that danced and shot rings out of his mouth.


It was love at first sight.

I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled I am that Melissa and Jordan have moved so much closer because it enabled me to be there for them at a time like this.  I love spending time with that little guy, and I love baby Phoebe too!  I am looking forward to more fun times with them.

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