Spring Baseball of a Different Kind

UNC Baseball

On Saturday, I did something that I had never done before, attend a college baseball game.  As David and I enjoyed watching the Tar Heels pummel Duke 7-1, I wondered to myself why I had never gone to a game before. Granted, going to a UNC baseball game is pretty much ideal conditions for college baseball. The stadium is beautiful and nicer than some minor league stadiums that I have visited.  The stadium food was pretty good too. They even had a pig pickin’ going on!  The Tar Heels have been the #1 ranked team in college baseball all season long and they showcased their outstanding pitching and excellent hitting abilities all weekend long in their three game series versus Duke. Granted, Duke is particularly terrible, but it never hurts to see the Tar Heels beat them in any sport.  I can safely say that after attending one UNC baseball game, I definitely want to go back to more games this season, particularly if the weather is as perfect again as it was on Saturday.

To complete the baseball themed day, we went and saw 42, the Jackie Robinson movie on Saturday night, which I enjoyed more than I thought that I would.  Sure, there was some cheesiness, but it also confirmed more why I have always disliked the Phillies. It was truly shocking to hear the way people used to talk. I will be honest and admit my knowledge of baseball history is fairly limited (always my weakest moment in Trivial Pursuit is a sports question about baseball history), so I didn’t know as much as I should have about Jackie Robinson going into the movie.

I still miss those Nats games from living in D.C., though.  Fortunately, we have planned to go to at least a few games this summer which means days enjoying Ben’s Chili Bowl are ahead of us.

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