We Love Hilton Head in April

Last week David and I took our annual trip to Hilton Head Island. Since we have come back from the Caribbean, I have been craving a beach and a pool every single day.  Hilton Head didn’t disappoint in any way. We had perfect springtime weather in the low 70s which made being in the sun glorious, but also being in the shade not too chilly.  David mocks me because whenever we are in Hilton Head, I do a lot of talking about the fact that I want to retire there, but the truth is, I wish I could live a Hilton Head day every day, so I am eager to think about when that might be a real possibility.  I might actually exercise six days a week if I lived there full-time.  I live the active life in Hilton Head that I only wish that I had time for here.  It is the only place I ride a bike and ride it as a mode of transportation to get from point A (where we stay) to Point B (usually the tennis court or the beach). We play tennis every morning. I even go running, and then swim laps. There is usually some form of a walk on the beach too.  I exercise more in five days there than I do in five months in my normal routine.  So there are many endorphins released in Hilton Head which means I have nothing but positive, happy feelings for the place.

This year, we had the added benefit of having our good friends Matt and Erin come with us and bring their new son, the Cub. His adorableness added a new measure of enjoyment.


We were lucky enough to witness Cubby’s first swim in the ocean.


Here is a proud papa, pleased that his son seems to have the same affinity for the ocean that this Florida born and raised dad does. But thankfully, his South Carolina raised mom was pleased enough that his first trip to the beach took place in her home state.


I could subtitle the next part of this blog entry “Ode to Erin and Matt”, because these two are just fantastic friends and are so perfect to vacation with.  It is nice to have friends that understand that even on vacation, work must be done, and are perfectly comfortable at other times relaxing.  We really had the best time, but Erin and Matt are the kind of people who David and I feel lucky to know.  We can 100% be ourselves around them and so we are completely ourselves and at ease on vacation. It is nice, since there is nothing worse than having time off of work and having to be fake to please someone else.  Matt and Erin are great friends and we are lucky to know them.

The little cub is also so lucky to have them as parents. It is so clear that they love him lots!


I love that picture of them too because it looks like Cubby is winking at the camera!

We would love to have Matt and Erin join us every year on our Hilton Head trips.  Every time we spend time together it is so much fun.

I actually didn’t take many other pictures on this trip, because I was too busy having fun.  Just a few more to share:

A good picture of Erin and I beachside:


A picture of David on the beach:


David and I before dinner at the legendary Salty Dog Café:


I am already counting down until April of 2014 when we go back to Hilton Head. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to do as well with physical activity when I am not beach side. This past weekend, walking in the woods back in NC, I sprained my ankle and foot quite badly.  So, I am back on crutches, feeling like a fool.  That means no tennis for me for a while, which is so hard when the weather is so perfect!

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